Saturday, December 18, 2010

Viña Indomita.

We did not have much of a plan in Casablanca. We just chose an exit off Highway 68 and drove. Viña Indomita is not difficult to find; it is actually difficult to miss. Its formidable structure perches upon a vantage point overlooking the entire valley. The gleaming white edifice with vineyards traipsing down from its foundation is certainly a sight to behold. Founded in 2001 and owned by Bethia Holdings, a company originally rooted in purebred racehorses, this winery makes 95% of its wines for export.

No one greeted us as we entered the visitors’ area despite the presence of three representatives sitting behind desks with laptops. The tasting and cheese plate, though artfully presented, were quite expensive. The wines were about average, nothing spectacular. Perhaps some of the money geared toward an aesthetically pleasing appearance could be better used for responsive staff! The sommelier who helped us was mildly informative but spoke to us in a very elementary manner… not exactly what we had come for… but the place is beautiful and worth a visit anyhow.

Here are the wines we tried:

2008 Duette Premium Chardonnay

Yellow-gold color. Aromas of vanilla and oak are very pronounced, with a backdrop of tropical fruit and canned peaches. This Chardonnay had good acidity and a generous mouthfeel, but a bit of an overwhelming bitterness from oak tannins. Needs a while to soften up!

2008 Duette Premium Pinot Noir

Aged in French oak for 10 months. Deep color, garnet red. A first impression gave a nose of dark cherries, pepper, earth and mushrooms, and a slightly unpleasant sweatiness. With a salad topped with balsalmic vinegar, however, the wine worked beautifully. The sweaty aroma dissipated within a few minutes and left behind rich peppery cherries. It is recommended by the sommelier on hand at the winery to serve this 14.5% alcohol Pinot cold.

2008 Duette Premium Cabernet Sauvignon/Carmenere

This is a 55/45 blend, aged for 18 months in French oak. Its deep purple color was vibrant even in the dim lights of the tasting room. Aromatics of coffee, cinnamon, black pepper, and chocolate emerge due to the French oak; subtle green pepper from the Cabernet and jammy red and blue fruit from the Carmenere are framed. This wine’s long finish was impressive, but overall the wine was a solid average.

To arrange a visit or for more information, visit Indomita's website.

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